It’s Time to Legalize Marijuana

The video at the link, “Marijuana Insanity” by Progresshiv on YouTube provides clear rationale for legalizing marijuana.


<p> <a href=”; title=”Marijuana Insanity”></a></p>

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2 thoughts on “It’s Time to Legalize Marijuana

  1. I have a friend that is going thru chemo right now b/c his cancer has metastisized; he can’t eat b/c everything makes him sick, so I just really think he could benefit from using pot but he won’t even talk about it “b/c it’s illegal” — all he’d have to do is drive to Colorado and spend a couple of nights, but I think part of what worries him is that once he tried it and it worked he would have a helluva time not using it all the time. THIS is what makes me so angry about our idiot government — they should just legalize the damn stuff and get it over with; all we peons would be a lot happier then, and people with serious health issues would be so much better off using pot than those killer drugs that big pharma is pushing!

    • What a needless tragedy. Maybe someone should slip him a tiny piece of a brownie- not enough to intoxicate but enough to relax him and stimulate his appetite. Or a sympathetic physician might prescribe one of the legal drugs based upon THC’s molecular structure. This mania against pot reminds me of what I read about the Salem Witch Hunts: mass hysteria propagated by ruling elites to keep the populace in fear (and in control).

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