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One thought on “Reviews

  1. Here’s what people are saying about “Dazed and Confused:”
    “I read “Dazed and Confused” today and really loved it. I got to the end of ‘Swearing Off’ and there was no more! Was that really the end?… I was ready to keep reading about Alex for quite some time. Your style is very engaging, funny and warm …Of course I lived the same stories (just not so much) so I can relate…. Looking forward to reading more.”

    “A quick, fun read and probably stories that most of us can relate to, or if not relate to, then get a good laugh reading the sometimes bungling way Alex makes his world a better place. A recommended series of connected tales of growth, confusion,and enlightening moments of clarity.”

    “I love the way the author uses a minimalist style to move the stories along. He introduces characters by casually inserting them into a story as if you already know them, then in a few short sentences, fleshes them out through casual dialogue and sparse exposition. It’s interesting to me that sometimes it’s more about what Alex doesn’t say than what he does say. I highly recommend this story to anyone who enjoys a good coming-of-age tale.”

    “The moments that we experience in our lives ultimately make us who we are. Alex tells a series of moments that make him the man that his, while taking us on a ride through the Northwest during the last half of the 20th century. The reader soon finds themselves walking down their own memory lane as they encounter characters and stories that remind them of moments in their lives. A great, easy read. I recommend this series to any and everyone.”

    If you’d like to check the stories out, they’re available at this link:

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